About Us

     I have always been a traveler from as far back as I can remember. From my first trip to Florida as an infant(can't remember) to my solo trip across the country 2 years ago. I have always enjoyed the adventure of meeting new people and seeing new places and the overall feeling of being out on the road. Maybe in a different life I might have been and explorer (The Lewis and Chad Expedition has a nice ring to it) but we'll never know. With my love for exploring and enthusiasm for travel, it only makes sense that I'd end up in the travel business.

     How did I get into Ireland travel? I guess you could say it was serendipity that brought Ireland and I together. At one point in my life I decided that I needed a new travel destination. I had been all over the States, Caribbean, Europe, etc... One day while visiting my grandparents I discovered a large family album on the table and began to scan the pages. The album contained our family's history and I was fascinated at how far back it was traced. I had always known there was a lot of Irish ancestry in the family, but hadn't known our first ancestors were traced back to the Emerald Isle. After questioning my grandparents to exhaustion I decided to head to the library and learn as much as possible about or family's country. The books and videos convinced me I had to see this mystical place with my own eyes.

     Two weeks later I was driving on the opposite side of the road on my first ever, solo B&B trip across the country. My progress was slow because I had to pull over every hour just to take in the beauty of the country and snap pictures. At one point I got stuck in a ditch while trying to make a u-turn on the narrow roads. I thought I would be stuck forever until a car full of Irishmen stopped to push me free. This was just the first example of the country's warmth and hospitality to everyone. At that point I knew Ireland was someplace special and I had to share it with everyone. Ireland has now become my number one travel destination because there is enough adventure to last a lifetime.

     So the next time you're looking to go someplace special and experience something new, look to Chad's Irish Tours. We'll help you build those memories that last a lifetime.